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Working Too Much Can Make You

kids talk about why it’s good
to not work too much

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Read the book...

that's making adults pay attention…
to what our kids are saying!

Find out:

  • What kids really think
  • What kids really want
  • Why kids think adults are missing too much in life!
Expanded to 150 pages, this is the right book at the right time for all the busy, tired, overworked people who…

  • know that family is really what matters

  • want to spend more time with their children

  • could use a gentle and inspiring "wake-up call" to help get their priorities straight

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Compiled by Debra A Dinnocenzo , this book is the collective wisdom of young children who were asked,

“Why is it good to not work too much?”

Dinnocenzo tells us:

I came to understand even more clearly that an eternal truth abounded here—if only we ask our children, they’ll tell us!   And so I did.  I asked a wide range of kids about what work their parents do, why work is a good thing, and – most importantly – what the problems are with working too much.

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This is more than an interesting, humorous, and thought-provoking volume.  It can make a real difference…for you, your family, your kids, and perhaps even your organization.    Don’t just read it for your own benefit; share it with others.  Here are some ways to do this:

        Read this book WITH your kids.   It’s interesting that kids seem to respond more openly and honestly in response to things written by other kids.

        Share it with other groups of adults; e.g., parenting classes, church groups, bible study groups, single-parent support groups, etc.  Explore the common themes throughout these comments from kids, and discuss ways to overcome some of the problems kids perceive.

        Give a copy to teachers.   Encourage them to use the book for discussions with kids about work, how they feel about work, the purpose of work, time away from their parents, and ways to talk with their parents about the impact of their work on family life.

        Give a copy to your boss – and explain why you’ll be leaving work on time from now on!

        Send a copy to the HR director, work-life coordinator, and CEO of your organization.  Include a note suggesting that perhaps your organization can help make a difference in our society by being a leader in adopting more family-centered policies.  

        Give copies to school guidance counselors, principals, superintendents – and ask them to begin a discussion about ways to encourage parents to spend more time involved with their kids in meaningful ways.

        Share copies with your pastor/minister/rabbi, scout leaders, sports coaches, daycare and after-school care providers.   Encourage them to remind parents of the important messages kids are telling us.

        Give a copy to your pediatrician, dentist, and orthodontist – suggest that it be a review copy available in the waiting room.

        Give copies to all of your overworked, stressed, and time-starved friends.  Their kids probably feel (and can’t express) some of what you’ll read here.

From the crayons and pencils of a multitude of kids, you’ll gain new insights about why working too much is a problem:

Working too much can make you frustrated and have stress.
Because if you work too much you can hurt your brain.
Daddy can’t eat dinner with us.
You can't go on vacation.
You get fat because you don’t have time to go to the gym.
Mommy is cranky.
I feel like I am not important

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